Web testing, a crucial practice in software development, involves thoroughly examining websites or web applications for potential flaws. This meticulous process ensures that any bugs or issues are identified and addressed before the application is deployed live on the internet.

Software Testing

Web testing is a crucial practice aimed at identifying and resolving potential bugs within websites or web applications. It involves a comprehensive examination of web-based applications prior to their deployment. This process ensures that the developed product aligns with the specified requirements and delivers the intended outcomes.

Software Testing Includes

Functional Testing

Functional Testing involves examining various components of a system such as web page links, database connections, form functionalities for user input/output, and cookie handling to ensure their proper functioning.

Usability Testing

Usability Testing evaluates the interaction between users and the system to identify any flaws or areas for improvement in terms of user experience and interface design.

Interface Testing

Interface Testing focuses on testing the server-side interface of a web application, ensuring compatibility with different software, hardware, networks, and databases, while also verifying proper communication between components.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing is essential to ensure that a website functions correctly across different browsers and their versions, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape Navigator, AOL, Safari, and Opera, thus reaching a wider audience.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing assesses the capability of a web application to handle heavy loads, including load testing and stress testing, to ensure optimal performance across various internet connection speeds.

Security Testing

Security Testing aims to identify and address vulnerabilities in a system, ensuring the protection of data and resources against potential threats, thereby maintaining the integrity and security of the system.