In Web Perfection Unique ideas and concepts are opted. Every website has uniquedesign. The design is something which shows the basic look of the website.

Web/Graphic Designing

At Web Perfection, we prioritize innovative ideas and concepts to craft truly distinctive websites. Each website we create boasts a unique design tailored to reflect its essence. As the premier Web Design Company in Mohali, we begin by thoroughly understanding our clients' needs. Then, we meticulously craft mockup designs for their approval. Our designs are not only unique but also visually captivating. Should clients seek alternatives, we readily provide alternative concepts for their consideration.

Mockup Design
Theme Design
Facebook Page Design
Landing page
UI/UX design
Advertisement Banner

Web design Includes


Functional testing for Adobe Photoshop encompasses a comprehensive examination of all web page links, database connections, user input forms, and cookie functionality to ensure seamless operation.

Adobe Illustrator

Usability testing for Adobe Illustrator involves assessing the interaction between humans and the software, identifying any areas of weakness in this interaction, and implementing necessary improvements.


Web testing for HTML involves rigorous examination of the server-side interface, ensuring compatibility with various software, hardware, networks, and databases, and verifying proper communication functionality.


CSS testing emphasizes the compatibility of a website across different browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape Navigator, AOL, Safari, and Opera, with thorough testing on multiple versions of each.

Scripting Language

Scripting language testing focuses on ensuring the web application can withstand heavy loads, encompassing tasks such as web load testing and stress testing to evaluate performance across different internet connection speeds.


Security testing for Bootstrap involves identifying and addressing vulnerabilities within the system to safeguard data and resources, ensuring the protection of sensitive information and mitigating potential threats effectively.